For this special summer section, we asked an array of notable locals what they are looking forward to getting out and going/seeing/doing. 

Woody Shticks, Comedian

This lifelong performer, queer troublemaker, and pug whisperer has headlined the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, tap danced with Cherdonna Shinatra and Kitten N’ Lou, and spread sparkling solo shows like Schlong Song far and wide. A founding producer of acclaimed interarts gang The Libertinis and a fan favorite of Cut, Bawdy Storytelling, and New Orlean’s NOLAW, Woody says he, “gleefully subverts sex and story to unleash queer power in Seattle and around the globe.” 

Tougo Coffee  

Before practicing my baton twirling among all the new baby strollers, I’ll get my jazzy beverages — for me its basic black coffee — at this spot on Yesler Way.

Indian Summer

I keep my outfits first-rate and second-hand with vintage on Summit Avenue. Queer neighborhood icon Adria Garcia will hook you up! But I call dibs on the athleisure.

Araya’s Place    

I’ll be feasting on the reg with my favorite queers at this Madison Street community priced buffet. Get the best (all vegan) Thai food in a lush courtyard dripping with family ownership.

The Comedy Nest

I’ll get my chuckles at femme-focused stand-up nights — especially at The Rendezvous in Belltown. Tell the patriarchy where to stick it while you support local generative artists that ruminate on the relatable perils of the new millennium!

Plum Bistro

And then, when I just can’t get enough of giving my allowance to incredible service workers, I’ll grab a sexy dinner for one on 12th Avenue at this favorite haunt of mine. I would leave someone for the fries.