For this special summer section, we asked an array of notable locals what they are looking forward to getting out and going/seeing/doing. 

Delvon Lamarr Trio

The soul-stirring, funky instrumentals that the Delvon Lamarr Trio lay out echoes such greats as Jimmy Smith and Booker T. & the M.G.’s and has earned the group critical applause and an international audience. All three of the group’s releases — Close But No Cigar, Live at KEXP! and I Told You So — secured slots at the top of the jazz charts. The trio has been hitting stages up and down the east and west coasts this year (they’re at the Woodland Zoo on July 25) and have plans to return to Europe next year. When they cool their heels in Seattle, these are some of their favorite haunts.   

Asensio Coffee

Two cousins own this Federal Way coffeeshop and, to us, it’s kind of like the TV show Cheers — it’s got that ‘where everyone knows your name’ kind of vibe. You always feel like you’re among friends, and they’ve got great coffee too!

Great American Diner

It’s one of our favorite breakfast spots in West Seattle. The owner Glenn is an amazing guy and very funny. Not to mention that their bacon is highly addictive.  

Lowdown Ballroom

This is a really special music and arts basement venue on Capitol Hill. It’s got everything from dance classes to intimate ‘living room’ concerts.

Seamonster Lounge

This has been the place we’ve gone to for years to get our live music fix. I mean, who hasn’t played there? It’s a great place for good music and drinks with friends and it’s just as great if you’re flying solo.


They have by far one of our favorite sushi rolls, the Bad Boy Roll, and even those of us that don’t like sushi think this is one roll is worth having.