For this special summer section, we asked an array of notable locals what they are looking forward to getting out and going/seeing/doing. 

Rocky Votolato, Musician 

With eight solo studio albums and more than 200 shows a year for the past decade, Votolato has garnered a devoted fanbase that stretches far beyond Puget Sound. His stripped-down indie-folk style is ur-Pacific Northwest. Drawing inspiration from the ’90s punk and indie scene in Seattle and the sounds that continue to reverberate throughout the evolving city, Votolato is looking forward to finding a new rhythm in a renewed Seattle this summer.  


This Wallingford Vegetarian Thai Cuisine is a Seattle treasure. Looking forward to basil fried rice and tom kha there with friends and family this summer.

Daybreak Records

This Fremont shop is one of the coolest record stores in Seattle. Amazing place for casual record buyers or seasoned record collecting vets.

Life on Mars

My good friends DJ John Richards and Dr. Amy Lindsey opened this place. It has an amazing aesthetic with a huge record collection on the wall and tons of great plant-based options —– my favorites are the cauliflower wings and disco fries. Or you can join the LOM Vinyl Club to get hand-picked records sent to you from John himself.

Artist & Craftsman Supply

This U District spot is my favorite art store in the city. This is a place my wife and I like to go for inspiration when designing a new record layout. You can find giant canvases, huge variety of high-quality paint and paper options, and home-screen printing materials for making one-of-a-kind t-shirts.

Kubota Japanese Garden

This garden was designed by Fujitaro Kubota, a master landscaper and Japanese horticultural pioneer who designed this place back in 1927. This is the perfect place to go when I need some peace and quiet and be close to nature without leaving the city.  

Seattle Cinnamon Roll

This Woodinville staple is the PNW’s only cinnamon roll drive-through!  Many great options to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with the Original Classic Cinnamon Roll with Vanilla icing. Everything is made from scratch and it’s totally worth the drive.