For this special summer section, we asked an array of notable locals what they are looking forward to getting out and going/seeing/doing. 

Left at London, Musician & Artist

Indie pop artist, trans lesbian, poet and comedian Left at London (aka Nat Puff) was catapulted to fame with her Vine, “I do that,” which was viewed by millions along with a smattering of her hilarious short comedy videos. The 24-year-old recording artist, whose upbeat song Revolution Lover has been in heavy rotation on KEXP during the past two years, recently released her debut album t.i.a.p.f.y.h. — a 7-track electronic-inspired album about trying to be mentally healthy in a world that’s constantly changing.  

Camping on Whidbey Island. I’ve never slept under the stars before and I’m looking forward to doing that. 

Eating a vegan burger at Galaxy Rune. This is an absolutely delicious vegan restaurant. They have one of the best burgers I’ve ever had–vegan or not.

Eating in person at Cafe Turko. I’ve been taking out food from there during the pandemic and it’s always great. The last time, I ordered mishmish, an apricot stew, and my girlfriend had their specialty, ali nazik the fire. 

Seeing a live performance by Floral Tattoo. They’re an emo revival band that’s fun to see live because they have great comedic and LGBTQ energy. They usually play house shows, and I’m excited to see them at Nice House, (their home) in south Seattle when they start performing again. 

Eating vegan fro-yo at Citra. They have great desserts and they play classical music, which is a nice vibe on busy University Ave. Hannah is usually behind the counter in the evenings, and she’s incredibly sweet to everyone.

Hanging out at record stores in Fremont. Jive TimeSonic Boom, and Daybreak are all in my neighborhood. I love asking the people who work there for their recommendations. It’s a great way to discover new music I may not have chosen on my own. The last record I bought was a remix of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds in the style of J Dilla.