Avi Brosh, Founder & Owner, Palihotel Seattle & Hotel Grand Stark, Portland 

Brosh’s hotels across Los Angeles have won him and his company praise. But his hotels in the PNW, he says, are a natural extension of home for him. “While we were in the process of developing Palihotel Seattle, we relocated to the city and were taken aback by the natural beauty, vibrant food scene, and distinct personality. It felt very much in line with the way we live and travel.” So we asked him to give us some picks for both Seattle and Portland, where his new Hotel Grand Stark just opened.  


Bainbridge Island  

A fun one-day excursion from downtown Seattle that feels like an east coast journey to a Nantucket-style spot. Take the boat from Colman Dock for an exceptionally scenic 35-minute ride. Head to The Bloedel Reserve for an incredible walk around the botanical gardens and then stop in town at Café Hitchcock for a delicious sandwich.


A local institution. I have a lot of respect for Linda Derschang and all she has done for the Seattle restaurant and bar scene. Order the deviled eggs with fried capers. My go-to.

Sushi Kashiba

A personal all-time favorite for sushi. Chef Shiro Kashiba has become one of our favorite local talents and has the claim to fame of bringing the first sushi bar to the city in 1970. This is a world-class omakase experience where everything is a favorite, the service is impeccable and a seat at the bar is one of the best dining experiences in the city. 



World-class Russian cuisine right in the heart of the Eastside. It’s the perfect place to fill your table with cold zakuski and incredible infused vodka shots. The chicken thigh shashlik is also a must-try. Stop by their Lavka Deli + Market after dinner to stock up on staples like rye bread, caviar, pickles and smoked fish. 

Han Oak

Such a special experience, literally eating in someone’s backyard. And that someone being one of the best chefs in the city. A must-visit.

Nong’s Khao Man Gai

My wife and I stop by at least once every trip to Portland. Nong’s is largely known for one dish: its namesake Khao Man Gai, a delicate but nourishing chicken and rice dish that pays homage to the chef’s childhood in Bangkok and has garnered her citywide raves and the attention of the folks at James Beard. It’s a Portland staple with good reason.