Whether you’re new to supporting local nonprofits, or a seasoned giver looking for ways to have an even bigger impact, the Giving Guide offers insights into some of the work these organizations are doing. We’ve also gathered information on how giving might change over the course of one’s life; a look at “moonshot” philanthropy; how a Spokane nonprofit helped hospitalized kids; and what cultivating a culture of kindness really looks like.

If you are looking for ways to support a local nonprofit organization in 2022, the Giving Guide can point you in the right direction. You’ll find information and suggestions for making charitable donations in Seattle, as well as see how some community members are pitching in to help their neighbors.

It all leads up to the two-day GiveBIG online-donation campaign May 3-4.

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According to the National Women's Law Center, unemployment for Black women was significantly higher during the pandemic than the rate for Latinas, Asian women and white women.

Charitable giving is more a lifelong journey than a one-time event, with different age groups demonstrating unique habits and behaviors.

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Art provides a powerful way to enable connections to each other, to cultural identity and to one's roots.

The Pacific Northwest is a training ground for glass artists thanks to both the Pilchuck Glass School and access to workspaces that provide the unique environment and equipment necessary for artists to hone their craft.

Decide on your risk tolerance and your willingness to accept failure as an opportunity to learn and evolve. Then, allocate a percentage of your philanthropy to taking those risks.

Assistive technology is integral to lowering barriers and providing new opportunities for people living with disabilities to pursue their life choices

Providing transitional housing is just one piece of the puzzle to helping someone on their journey out of homelessness.

The causes that drive us may differ, but we all aspire to positively impact the world around us, according to Nancy Long, executive director of 501 Commons.

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When emergencies happen, highly trained paramedics save lives. They provide advanced lifesaving measures, treating individuals suffering from severe medical and traumatic emergencies.

Research supports the idea that while wishes grant children the opportunity to live a dream, it also helps them in other ways.

"We make sure that each community can pick up foods that are traditional and comforting for them," Szofia Pastor says.

Fresh produce straight from a farm isn’t something you’d expect to find at a food bank. But as area food banks continue to experience high demand, it is becoming essential to help keep them fully stocked.

Only around one-third of working-age adults with significant vision loss is employed between the ages of 21 and 64, according to the EEOC.

if you wake up every day hungry, wet, cold and alone, there is great power in receiving a hot meal, coffee and clothes and chatting with people who take the time to learn your name.

Let your loved ones know what your choices are, what your values are, so they can help you honor them.

Local reporting provides actionable information saving lives, from deadly heat waves to pandemics.

Nothing can replace the experience of attending a performance in person, especially for a genre like jazz.

With COVID-19 making classes remote for almost two years, many students haven't been able to get what they needed and school proved difficult to do at home.

Two of the biggest hurdles faced by underrepresented students are lack of cultural capital and fundamental financial resources.

Studies show that a disproportionate number of homeless people experienced childhood adversity, including neglect, abuse, poor parental relationships and being forced out of the home.

Washington ranks 38th among all states in public preschool enrollment for 4-year-olds and 17th for 3-year-olds.

Oral tales have been around since ancient times, now creatives have the added bonus of using video to tell their stories.

“People who struggle with chronic homelessness, that’s their life. That’s what they know as normal," says Phillip Hong, Seattle's Union Gospel Mission.

In 2020, there were a little over 38 million people living in food-insecure households, including 6.1 million children.

Micro-organizations and city parks are benefiting from partnerships with supporting organizations with compatible values and goals.

Harm reduction helps keep substance users alive and healthy without the requirement to get clean before offering health care, treatment help and other life-changing services

In the National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health conducted in 2021, 60% of the Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ youth reported discrimination in the prior year.

Patients with sickle cell disease can experience severe pain, are vulnerable to infections and can develop many life-threatening conditions.

Nearly 75% of children 5 and younger in Washington are cared for by family members, friends or neighbors rather than by licensed providers in child care centers.

When it comes to tackling young people’s struggles, a holistic approach can help address the many obstacles they face.

Medical treatment disparities exist for patients living in high-income countries versus those residing in low-income nations.

Keeping a child's spirits up while they are injured or sick is an important part of the healing process.

Biomedical studies on chimpanzees were effectively ended in 2015, leaving many lab chimps without a place to go. One small sanctuary is working to provide a home for them.

According to the American Camp Association, nearly 11 million individuals attend camp every year in the United States.

“It can be tempting to think of classical music as something from the past – frozen in time – but that is not the case,” says BSO Music Director Yaniv Attar.

The chasm of need for creative virtual learning experiences grew during the pandemic, especially in STEM classroom activities.

Handmade pillowcases have played an important role in making children and teens comfortable when they get to Providence Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Sacred spaces can help provide homes and healing for Native urban people, who comprise 32% of the chronically homeless in Seattle,.

Aging is inevitable. Since it's a journey we'll all be on, sooner or later, it's worthwhile to map out the road ahead and plan for ourselves and others.

In 2021, more than 11,500 incidents of animal cruelty were recorded nationally by the FBI. Animal cruelty investigations and rescue specialists are crucial in helping fight these injustices.

School-based health centers have become a lifeline for immigrant and refugee students, providing health services within steps of their classrooms.