With more time inside and game nights firmly established, this is the Christmas and Hanukkah for both high-tech and low-tech games — from puzzles and board games for kids and families to video games that will get your heart pumping. Here are our picks for the top gifts for gamers for the 2021 holiday season, with a special eye toward makers with a tie to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Trails: A Parks Game by Keymaster Games: Visit the national parks with this game in which you hike along trails to gather resources, take photos and spot birds. 2–4 players; ages 10 and up. $20 at target.com

The Artful Escape: This music-filled video game lets you develop an intergalactic guitar hero, practicing solos and interacting with quirky characters from other dimensions.Rated E; for Xbox and PC. $20 at theartfulescape.com

Far Cry 6: TV supervillain Giancarlo Esposito voices the dictator you’re trying to topple in this latest installment of the open-world first-person shooter. Rated M; for Xbox, PlayStation, Luna, Stadia, PC. $60 at major retailers

The Big Pub Quiz by Professor Puzzle Games: Bring trivia night home with this set of 1,000 questions spanning music, science, sports, history, art and more. $25 at worldmarket.com

Kena: Bridge of Spirits: Puzzle-solving, combat and lush artwork come together in this video game in which a young guide works to lead souls to the spirit world. Rated T; for PlayStation and PC. $50 at major retailers


Neoville by Blue Orange: Build a city that combines human habitation with the natural world in this strategy game that rewards harmony. 2-4 players; ages 10 and up. $35 at store.blueorangegames.com

Riders Republic: Compete in mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and more in this multiplayer game in which 20 or more people can compete and interact. Rated T; for Xbox, PlayStation, Luna, Stadia, PC. $60 at major retailers

Funkoverse Marvel 100 by Funko: Use adorable versions of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther and Black Widow to perform strategic actions in a new version of the local company’s popular Funkoverse series. 2–4 players; ages 10 and up. $40 at amazon.com

Nintendo Switch OLED: The uber-popular Switch gets a 7-inch OLED touch screen, double the storage space and the ability to hardwire into an internet router for a stronger connection. Your gamer will love it — if you can get your hands on one. $350 at major retailers

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition: All three games in the groundbreaking series have been remastered with updated graphics and other gameplay enhancements. Rated M; for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC. $60 at rockstargames.com

Scuf Instinct Pro Controller: This performance controller has great ergonomics, with four rear paddles that are natural and intuitive to use, and tons of customizations, including interchangeable thumb sticks, mapping options and an array of skins. For Xbox and PC. Starting at $200 at scufgaming.com


A Gentle Rain by Kevin Wilson: Chill out and clear your mind with this relaxing pattern-based tile-laying game you can play solo or cooperatively. Ages 8 and up. $22 at mondoshop.com

Outside Inside Cornhole Tables: This clever set out of Spokane is easily transportable and converts into low camp tables after the game. $95 at gsioutdoors.com

Bewilderness Henry Squatch Hugging Salmon Puzzle: Made in Woodinville, this delightful laser-cut wood puzzle depicts an oh-so-Northwest scene by beloved Seattle mural artist Henry. $99 at bewilderness-puzzles.com

Man Ray Chess Set: Abstract geometric pieces designed by the artist Man Ray create a stunning set that also serves as an objet d’art. $460–$735 at dwr.com

Confident? by Confident Games: In this easy-to-learn party game, a question is asked, such as “How fast can a kangaroo hop?” Players guess with a range; the smaller the range, the better your chance of scoring. 2–30 players; ages 8 and up. $25 at amazon.com

Workman Book Nerd Puzzle: Puzzles, books and pets. What could be more Seattle? This 1,000-piece puzzle combines all three. There’s even some houseplants for good measure. $20 at amazon.com

Just One by Repos Production: This fun family game gets everyone thinking outside the box. A word is chosen, like “chocolate,” and clues are given to lead the guesser to the word. But if clues are repeated they’re both thrown out. 3­–7 players; ages 8 and up. $25 at major retailers