More and more, people just want a happy refuge from the outside world.

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The biggest trend in décor may be that there isn’t a big seasonal shift in style anymore.

In an era of democratic design, there’s a relaxed approach to home decorating that has put the notion of “in” or “out” on a back burner. We can decorate our homes more freely.

There are furnishings, palettes and materials in the spotlight, to be sure. But we’re more inclined to decorate in a personal and emotional way, making home a happy refuge in an uncertain world.

“Cozy seems to be the buzzword for 2018,” says Joan Craig, partner at Lichten Craig in Manhattan. “Every client this year has told us they want their home to be soft, warm, relaxed, luxurious … and easy.”

Craig says that for a few years now clients have wanted high-performance fabrics that can survive kids, pets and wine. “This is still the case, but now these textiles also have to be incredibly lush and soft,” she says. “We’ve started doing indoor/outdoor fabrics mixed with the most delicious mohairs and alpacas, combined with textured chenilles and weaves.”

Miami-based designer Phyllis Taylor says her eponymous firm is getting many requests for ethanol-based fireplaces, which are easily retrofitted into homes because they don’t require venting.

“These fireplaces are a luxurious focal point, giving a space an unexpected touch of coziness and glamour,” Taylor says.

Farmhouse sinks, especially in luxe materials such as copper, meld relaxed rusticity with modernity.

Eclectic décor is part of this trend, too — a curated mélange of whatever makes your inner decorator’s heart sing. Pieces from different eras, travel souvenirs and favorite finds add ease and personality.

Quiet color palettes are part of this aesthetic. Think muted sugar hues, deep limpid blues and fog for paint and tiles.

“We think greige is making a re-emergence in 2018,” says Los Angeles-based lighting, furniture and product designer Brendan Ravenhill. “A mix of gray and beige, the color brings warmth to wood and whitewashed spaces.”

Melissa Lewis, of Lewis Giannoulias Interiors in Chicago, says there’s a new way to tweak the perennially popular combo of gray and white: Envelop the space.

“Take the warm neutrals and paint them on everything — doors, trim, walls, etc. The unilateral color makes any space feel much more refined and welcoming,” she says.

That refinement is also being reinforced with touches of drama and texture, says Charlotte Dunagan, of Dunagan/Diverio Design Group in Coral Gables, Florida. The firm is using matte black accessories, light fixtures and decorative hardware in many of its projects.

Warm woods like walnut and warm paint colors generate an ambiance she calls “classic modern.”

“Bold materials and textures offset by relaxing neutrals create the 2018 equilibrium,” she says.