Floravere lets you try on its wedding dresses at home, but this weekend you can try every style at a pop-up shop.

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Floravere knows that the traditional model of wedding-dress shopping (standing in a fancy, formal showroom with a very eager sales associate) isn’t for everyone.

The new company follows in the footsteps of retailers like Warby Parker to let you try on its items at home. Except instead of a few pairs of glasses, you get wedding gowns in the mail. Yes, you can try on as many of the company’s 14 dress styles as you’d like with different shoes, undergarments and accessories, in the comfort of your own home. You can take selfies, have friends over, stop for a snack, whatever makes you happy.

Dresses are $25 a piece to try on, with that fee going to your gown if you choose to buy one. But this weekend, you can try on for free as many styles as you like — including new and archived gowns — at a Floravere pop-up shop at the Thompson Hotel, FridayOct. 27, through Sunday, OCt. 29. Sign up for a time slot and check out the current gown offerings (which go up to size 24) at floravere.com.