Pick up plans for a cat patio — a safe outdoor pet enclosure — which can range in size from a window perch to a full-on outdoor room.

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Bathroom remodel? Check. Kitchen expansion? Check. But have you added a catio outdoor space for your favorite feline friend?

Seattle designer and licensed general contractor Cynthia Chomos creates plans for cat patios — safe outdoor pet enclosures — that range from window perch boxes to full-on outdoor rooms that resemble a kitten coop.

The three-sided designs attach to, and complement, your house, and can include elements such as cedar shelves, a catwalk, branches, a human-size door or a polycarbonate sunroof. Sizes range from 3-feet-by-6-feet to 8-feet-by-10-feet.

The DIY plans are simple and take you through the process step by step. Or contact Catio Spaces for a free estimate to design and build a custom catio.

$50 for catio plans; custom catios starting at $3,500 at catiospaces.com