The clever treat buries chocolate dinosaur "bones" in hot cocoa mix "dirt."

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Did all that snow bring out the playful kid in you? If so — or if you just need to warm up with a gourmet treat that will delight people of all ages — turn to Only Child Chocolate Co.’s Dino Dig Hot Chocolate.

Handcrafted in Portland, the clever treat contains caramelized white-chocolate dinosaur bones infused with crunchy cocoa nibs buried in hot chocolate “soil.” There’s a complete T-rex or triceratops skeleton in every box. 

Excavate the (edible) bones and add your favorite milk to the “soil” to create rich cocoa with hints of cinnamon and vanilla bean. 

The kid-friendly concoction has serious credentials: chocolate maker Yana Yakhnes is a former pastry chef and Silver Medal winner in the International Chocolate Awards World Final 2018.

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