You don't need much for a run — so make sure the gear you have works for you.

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One of the best aspects of jogging is how simple it is to get started.

There’s no fancy equipment needed, no gear to lug around and no membership to commit to.

Since your wardrobe is all you need to worry about, it’s worth making sure your running clothes work well. Choosing quality pieces in breathable materials is a necessity before hitting the pavement.

Here are the five key pieces that will help you have a great run.

Running shoes

There’s perhaps no more important piece in a runner’s wardrobe than their shoes. A good pair of running shoes will provide support and reduce the shock of impact your body takes with every step. The type of shoe you choose will depend on the shape of your foot, your gait and how much cushioning you like. Visit a store that specializes in running shoes for an expert analysis.

Windproof jacket

Even in summer, the weather can get breezy, especially when you’re moving. Be sure to have a packable jacket on hand that’s made of a lightweight, waterproof material. A hood is a great addition in case it rains.

Sports bra

One of the most important items a woman can have in her athletic wardrobe is a comfortable, supportive sports bra. Invest in a bra made with materials designed to mold to your frame and provide high-impact support.

Running tights

Although everyday athletic leggings can be worn while running, a better option is a pair of running tights. Running tights are specifically designed to fit like a second skin, and are made out of technical materials that allow for a comfortable range of motion while repelling moisture. Running tights with compression panels can provide additional breathability during your run.

Wicking tank top

When the weather is clear, the best type of shirt to wear running is a loose tank top that doesn’t restrict your movement or trap in moisture. Avoid cotton, which absorbs moisture like a sponge, and invest instead in a moisture-wicking fabric like polyester, nylon or Lycra.