Your teen may be asking for gift cards, but what’s the fun in unwrapping some little pieces of plastic? These surprises are sure to please and may even (dare we say?) impress. Here are our picks for the top teen gifts for the 2019 holiday season, with a special eye toward makers with a tie to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest (denoted with an L).

Arvin Goods Clean Socks: These 100% recycled cotton-poly baseball socks, designed in Seattle, save more than 50 gallons of fresh water per pair using clean manufacturing processes and recycled materials. $12–$14 at Sassafras (Belltown) and (L)

Air Candy Gold Inflatable Arm Chair: A jumbo-sized inflatable gold armchair makes a comfy throne or gaming chair that’s 100% waterproof and even floats. $50 at

Dream Decoder: Just out, these 60 illustrated cards unlock the unconscious, decode common dreams and improve self-awareness. $17 at NW Art & Frame (West Seattle) and Order the Onion Rings Sweater: This cozy, cotton-cashmere knit sweater has relaxed fit, trendy cropped length and on-point message. $98 at

Papersalt “Being a Teenage Boy” and Being a Teenage Girl”: These thoughtful, wire-bound mini-books are designed and printed in Sodo and aim to inspire self-confidence and respect for others, and impart important life lessons for the teen years. In boy and girl versions. $15–$18 at Alair (West Seattle) and (L)

Polaroid Originals Polaroid Lab: This innovative new table-top darkroom transforms smartphone pictures into Polaroid prints. It captures the image right off the phone’s screen — no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi needed. $130 at Best Buy, Target, Urban Outfitters and

Stickers Northwest Keep Exploring Trucker Hat: An outdoorsy snapback, trucker-style hat that’s designed in Fife encourages mountain exploration. Available in navy, black or charcoal. $24 at NW Art & Frame (West Seattle) and (L)

Kikkerland iBed Lapdesk: This sturdy, non-slip desk provides a writing surface and props up a tablet, with a micro-bead cushion for comfort during those long hours studying. $22 at

Squirrel vs. Coyote Recycled Acrylic Earrings: A Tacoma artist’s lightweight, recycled-acrylic dangle earrings make a bold statement. $36–$48 at Station 7 (Capitol Hill) and (L)

Seattle Seabird Sweatshirt: With this indie fan crewneck, printed in Seattle, they can say “Go Hawks” in their own way. Made from super-soft eco-fleece and printed with water-based inks. $60 at The Handmade Showroom (downtown) and (L)

M Creative J Positive Plants Hand Embroidered Hoops: Hand-embroidered decorative hoops, from a Washington artist, offer positive messages such as, “You are loved,” “You can do hard things” and “Grow your own way.” $29–$49 at Station 7 (Capitol Hill) and (L)

Spalted Home Cactus Kit: With this cute Seattle-made kit, they can plant and nurture a mini cactus. Includes a tiny, 1.5-inch hand-formed vase and a petite pipette for watering. $25 at Velouria (Pioneer Square) (L)

Little Words Project Bracelets: Join the #nicegirlgang. Choose and wear a word (or three) to promote self-love and confidence. Register its unique code, then pass it on to a girl who needs it more and track its journey. $20–$30 at Alair (West Seattle) and

Combat Flip Flops MK-19 Black High Tops: These cool black-on-black high tops from an Issaquah company have a super-sticky rubber outsole, breathable 100% cotton uppers, EVA mid-soles, a lifetime warranty and a conscience: Each purchase puts an Afghan girl in school for a day. $65 at (L)

Rustek Fremont 31” Hybrid Skateboard: This city cruiser is handcrafted in Portland from sustainably sourced natural wood on a maple core. Starting at $225 at (L)

Popglory Glow-in-the-dark Chat Bubble T-shirt: The hopeful — and maddening — text-composition bubble is the star of this clever glow-in-the-dark, slim-fit T-shirt. $35 at

100 Things To Do Scratch Off Poster: As they try new things — including climbing a mountain, teaching someone a new skill and switching off personal devices for 48 hours — they’ll reveal cute artwork that will inspire them to keep growing. $15 at

Casetify Peekaboo Cat iPhone Case: Hello, kitty! This cute, drop-tested-certified cat case protects and brings smiles. $36 at Nordstrom

Coal x 686 Mountain Mitt: From the Ballard company’s limited-edition, Paradise, Washington, collection come these lightweight, waterproof mittens with touchscreen technology and a sunny design. $45 at (L)

Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine Bundle: The newest tabletop release for the world’s most popular strategy card game (from Renton’s Wizards of the Coast) brings to life a storybook land of castles and cauldrons, chivalrous knights and trickster faeries. Includes 10 booster packs containing 150 cards. $33 at (L)

Ride Twinpig Snowboard: Made in Seattle, this board is quick, maneuverable and made for park terrain. The graffiti-inspired looks aren’t bad either. $440 at (L)

Ultimate Ears WonderBoom 2: They can take their tunes anywhere with this portable but powerful indoor/outdoor speaker that floats, can sit in sand and can wirelessly pair with a partner to create stereo sound. $100 at

Juniper Ridge Coastal Pine Cologne: This new unisex cologne features the subtle scent of the outdoors and is made with just organic sugar cane alcohol and essential oils. $35 at

Butter London Twinkling Twosome Nail Lacquer Set: Your glamour kid will shine with this locally developed set of super-shimmery silver and red nail polish — perfect for holiday manis and pedis. $22 at (L)

“Untitled Goose Game”: One of the best video games of the year isn’t a crazy-realistic first-person shooter. It’s you, as a horrible goose, driving the people in your town crazy. Rated E, for PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch. $20 at

Products have been independently selected and reviewed by the writers.