Locally made, natural and organic products that will breathe some life into a self-care ritual.

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Fall is upon us, and as the days get shorter — and politics keep happening — it’s important to take care of yourself.

Combat the doldrums of fall with self-care and good smells. Here are some fantastic products handpicked for your rainy-day spa treatments. These effective favorites are all paraben- and BPA-free with natural and organic ingredients.

Ilia Color Block High Impact Lipstick ($28 at iliabeauty.com). Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it can’t perform. This lipstick out of Vancouver is boldly pigmented and made from ingredients you can feel good about. A wide range of deep, luscious colors is available, and each is packed with apricot oil and mango seed butter for maximum plumping and hydration.

Render Geranium + Carrot Whip ($10 at Velouria, Pioneer Square, and renderskincare.com). Made with locally sourced tallow from grass-fed beef, this ultra-moisturizing cream out of Seattle is the solution to cracked skin caused by a swift change in the seasons. While tallow isn’t for vegans and vegetarians, those open to it can benefit from its high doses of vitamins A, D, E and K.

Mater Soap Arbor Hand and Body Soap ($24 at matersoap.com). Made in New York with 100 percent organic and sustainably harvested ingredients, this warm and woody cleanser is a fabulous alternative to harsh soaps and has a perfect scent for fall, with sage, rosemary and fir notes.

Urban Oreganics Refresh Facial Mask ($22 at urbanoreganics.com). Green tea isn’t just something you drink anymore. This Portland-made facial mask is packed with clay and matcha to purify and energize your skin. Due to moisture, pre-mixed facial masks can promote the growth of bacteria, so Urban Oreganics sells its masks as a dry powder that you mix yourself for a pure, organic experience.

Kari Gran Sandalwood Eyeshadow ($15 at karigran.com). Get glam for upcoming holiday parties with this locally made mineral-based shadow. The warm, glowing pigment can be worn sheer for day or built up for evening.