Has "The Force Awakens" DVD release awakened your desire for more "Star Wars" gear? Here are some picks.

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With “The Force Awakens” now available on DVD and a new trailer out for “Rogue One,” you may, once again, be tempted to stock up on “Star Wars”-themed merch.

It’s understandable, but also daunting with so many branded products at seemingly every store you visit. So here are some picks for gear that really stands out.

Zak! Designs Star Wars Sculpted Boba Fett Mug ($13 at zak.com). Minor characters always seem to become favorites. Celebrate the beloved bounty hunter with this ceramic mug from Spokane company Zak! Designs.

Cuffilnks, Inc. R2D2 Money Clip ($37 at fab.com). Subtle and fun, the R2D2 money clip is made of plated metal and enamel printing. If you’re more into the Dark Side, there’s also a Darth Vader version.

Star Wars Havaianas ($20 at zappos.com). Kids can slip into “Star Wars” with these printed flip-($19 at zappos.com). Kids can slip into “Star Wars” with these printed flip-flops from the Brazilian favorite. The cushy rubber soles feature Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper, or Darth and Yoda.

Stance Star Wars Socks ($16 at stance.com). Kids can also don “Star Wars” socks, with awesome graphic images of everyone from Leia to Chewie to Jabba to the droids. The adult socks are sold out online, but some local stores still have a few (check stance.com for retailers near you).

Littledrill Creative I Know Your Eyes Poster ($21–$105 at fab.com). Geek-chic art is all the rage, and this piece is a clear standout for its color, composition and interesting little details. It’s available in three sizes, framed or unframed. This is the art you seek.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you watch the “Rogue One” trailer for the 187th time:

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