Whether you dig playful prints or like to keep it classy, there’s a smartphone case that shares your style.

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Truth be told, I don’t have a case on my iPhone. Every day, I throw caution to the wind and step outside, praying it doesn’t slip from my hands, plummet to the concrete and shatter to pieces.

I constantly get made fun of for not having one and, frankly, I don’t really have a reason not to. There’s clearly an abundance of cute cases at a range of price points.

Here are some picks, because your iPhone case should reflect your personality. After all, it may be one of your most-noticed accessories. Many of these are also available for other major smartphones.

Rifle Clear Peach Blossom iPhone Cover ($36 at riflepaperco.com). Beautiful, vivid blooms pop from this case that also lets your pretty phone show through (because you didn’t hold out for the rose-gold version just to cover it up!).

Ban.do. Glitter Bomb iPhone 6 Case ($28 at shopbop.com). Make every day a party with this case that features sparkling glitter floating inside (the suspension liquid is vegetable oil). Just give it a shake to produce instant smiles for the camera.

Madewell Leather Carryall Case for iPhone 6 ($28). Keep all your necessities in one place with this sleek case. Just tuck your license and credit card in the outer pockets, and you’re good to go.

Roxxlyn Nero Marquina Aluminum iPhone Case ($155 at ahalife.com). When you invest in something as luxe as a $600 phone, you might want an equally impressive case. This handcrafted option pairs aluminum and marble, and is surprisingly light.

Stella McCartney Ivory Rings iPhone 6 Cover ($145 at stellamccartney.com). Or go for a designer look with this silicone case that features finger holes complete with bejeweled rings. So glam.

Fossil Tech Slide ($55 at fossil.com). If you don’t want a snap-on case, check out this option that has room for a couple cards and has a super-on-trend tassel that’s both fun and handy for finding it in your tote bag.

Moglea Brushwork iPhone 6 Case ($36 at anthropologie.com). If you have a bit of a punk-rock streak, check out this splatter-paint case that’s as edgy as you are.

ShopNW staff contributed to this story.