Have you had your first pumpkin-spice latte of the season? Whether your answer is “duh, of course” or “blech, never,” know that there’s more to fall than just nutmeg and cinnamon.

Here are a few made-in-Seattle treats that employ flavors other than pumpkin, but still elicit lots of fall festivity.

There are some great local pumpkin beers but, for a change, opt for fresh hop beer, made with just-picked, undried hops that give the beer a bright and (deliciously) bitter flavor. Local brewers have taken advantage of our proximity to the Yakima hops region to make more and more varieties, and they’re available now. Visit your favorite local brewery or try several at the Seattle Fresh Hop Festival Oct. 12 in Georgetown.

Need a sweet treat? Put down the pumpkin spice Oreos, M&M’s and Peeps, and pick up Seattle Chocolate’s fall truffle bar flavors of Mexican Hot Chocolate, which gets a subtle zip from a hint of cayenne pepper, and Peanut Butter Pretzel, which puts a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to shame. And you can really get into the fall spirit at Seattle Chocolate’s annual Haunted Factory Tour, a family friendly event that combines a bit of spookiness with puzzle solving and, of course, chocolate. It runs Oct. 17–20 and Oct. 24–27.

If you’re trying to take a break from PSLs, pick up MarketSpice Teas’ luscious fall flavors, such as the new Caramel Apple black tea or uncaffeinated Almond Pear Rooibos. Or, if you’re just as addicted to bubbly water as you are to pumpkin spice, try Talking Rain’s new caffeinated (caffeinated!) flavored water in seasonal flavors such as Blood Orange and Green Apple. After work, mix up a fall cocktail or mocktail with Dry Soda Company’s Ginger Dry Sparkling Botanical Bubbly, made with real cane sugar and natural flavors. Because there’s plenty of time for pumpkin in November.