Don’t get Boo’ed by your Halloween party guests for having lame decorations. There’s still time to have the coolest, creepiest house on the block with digital decorations from Seattle-based AtmosFX.

The company makes high-end digital downloads that include animated characters and atmospheric scenes. The decorations can be played on a TV or — even better — via a projector onto a sheet hung in a window. There’s also Hollusion mode, which projects the images onto a thin material that creates a hologram-like image.

What does that means for you? You can project soaring ghosts onto your windows, creepy zombie shadows on the side of your house or witch “holograms” into your living room. And you can still get it done before Halloween.

Check out the Boo Crew collection ($40), which includes eight ghost variations kids will enjoy, or, for adult parties, the Creepy Clowns collection ($50), with three variations sure to haunt your dreams. There are dozens of other collections, which you can preview online before you commit, and you can also buy single decorations for a little as $4.79 at There are clear instructions on the site for projecting, setting up Hollusions or using the decorations on your TV.