Made in in Bellingham, Blackbird Longboards are gorgeous boards made with locally reclaimed and salvaged wood.

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You’re a grown-up skater, which means it’s time for a grown-up skateboard.

Take your longboard to the next level with a Blackbird Longboard, handcrafted in Bellingham. The company’s elegant boards have 1960s retro flair, and are made with locally reclaimed and salvaged wood.

Cabinet maker and woodworker Tyler Matheis builds each board with a core of 100 percent bamboo or maple and adds rich stripes of naturally colored walnut, maple, fir and exotic padauk red wood finished with his own water-based polyurethane veneer to protect it in any climate.

Each board is a completely unique natural beauty. Choose from four longboard and three cruiser styles ranging from 26.75 to 46 inches long.

$120–$250 at