The late musician's new purple hue will reportedly be used on official products.

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His royal badness just got his own custom color.

Prince, the late musician who died in April 2016 at age 57, is being honored with a custom shade of purple from global color authority Pantone and the Prince Estate.

The purple shade, Love Symbol #2, was inspired by the custom-made, purple Yamaha piano that was scheduled to tour with Prince on his “Piano and Microphone” tour.

Prince was consistently associated with the color purple throughout his career, but particularly in 1984 after the release of the album “Purple Rain.”

Having a standardized color allows for Prince’s purple to be consistently replicated across any branded products related to the artist. His estate is reportedly discussing product collaborations with different partners that would incorporate the color.

Prince had worked closely with Yamaha to create the custom piano that inspired the color Love Symbol #2. The company had three months to create and deliver the piano to Prince’s home in Minnesota. Prince had based the color for the piano on a couch in his home.

On April 12, Prince shared his beloved creation via social media, but never had the chance to take it on the road.

The Love Symbol #2 graphic was what Prince began using as his name in 1993 during a testy battle with Warner Bros. Records over ownership of some of his biggest hits. He switched back to using Prince as a name in 2000 after his Warner contract expired.