Cannabis, adaptogens, juice cleanses and more trendy ways to practice self-care.

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Taking care of yourself is key. With the daily grind of city living, summer vacation prep and politics, politics, politics, you need to set aside a little time for self-care.

That looks a little different for everyone, so we’ve compiled an array of tools, treats and treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed. You deserve it.

At-home spa day

Though self-care doesn’t always have to improve how you look on the outside, it’s not a bad side effect when it does. Here are a few picks for relaxing, spa-like products that also do their jobs very well.

Daughter of the Land Morning Glory Hair + Body Shampoo ($19 at Moorea Seal, downtown, and There’s a movement toward simple, all-purpose cleansing products, and this Seattle-made bar is an excellent example of an effective product that does it all. It also smells fantastic, with organic coconut oil, goat milk, tea tree oil and honey.

Handmade La Conner Charcoal Wash ($22 at Charcoal is a well-known detoxifier, which local brand Handmade La Conner has put to good use in its new charcoal and clay-based face wash, which draws out impurities and can act as a simple face mask.

Orgaid Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask Box ($22 for four sheets at Vitamin C can, of course, help keep a cold at bay, but it also has amazing properties when used topically, such as reducing brown spots and promoting collagen production. These organic sheet masks out of California use Vitamin C from pomegranate and orange peels to even out, lift and revitalize the skin.

Ula Primrose & Immortelle Serum ($40 at Serums are a hot addition to facial routines, and this oil-based one, made on Orcas Island, uses floral essences and seed oils to smooth fine lines and improve elasticity.

Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Plumping Jelly ($58 at Sephora). Known for its ingestible adaptogens (super-power plants said to boost mood and fight inflammation), this California company’s beauty products employ the power of mushrooms to smooth and plump skin. The lightweight serum is all-natural and free of parabens, sulfates and fragrances.

A new look at cannabis

Whether getting high is your thing or not, you can take advantage of the health benefits of cannabis. These selections, even the psychoactive ones, aren’t intended to knock you out, but instead, help combat stress and muscle aches.

Van der Pop Forget Balm ($35 at Whether you’re sore from a 5-mile hike or a few hours in the garden, this locally developed rub uses nonpsychoactive hemp seed oil — along with jojoba, eucalyptus and rosemary — to relax muscles. It won’t get you high, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

CAP Beauty The Daily Hit ($105 at These nonpsychoactive drops mix the destressing power of hemp oil and adaptogens (super-power plants said to boost mood and fight inflammation) to create a calming elixir you can add to your salad dressing, morning smoothie or green tea.

Green Revolution Body Buzz ($25 at Dockside Cannabis locations). A relaxing bath will never be the same. These locally made THC- and CBD-infused Epsom salts will wash away the anxieties of the day. The Epsom salts encourage the absorption of the herb by your skin for a full-body experience. This psychoactive product is not legal in all states.

Oleum Extracts Lip Balm (available July 17 for $8 at Dockside Cannabis locations). Through a process called “wintering,” cannabis is extracted in such a way that it has the consistency of a salve. Which was the perfect opportunity for this local line to create a pocket-sized lip balm that gives you a subtle high. It’s the first of its kind, and you won’t want to leave home without it. This psychoactive product is not legal in all states.

The Apothecarry Case ($259 at Knowing everything is safely locked away — and well organized — can greatly reduce worry about cannabis products getting into the wrong hands. This lovely humidor case is odor resistant and lockable, and comes with an array of containers, a zinc alloy grinder and removable rolling tray.

From the inside out

Head-to-toe wellness can seem a little daunting, but your body is a complex machine and you should take care of every part of it. Here are some great ways to keep the whole of you working at peak performance.

Moodbeli All the Moods Ancient Tonic Botanicals ($28 at If you haven’t gotten on the adaptogen train, here is an easy way to get on board. This multipack contains six different blends of super plants that help with inflammation, memory loss, stress and a ton of other ailments — in fact, they’re said to adapt to what you need. One scoop in your morning smoothie will have you set for the day.

The Juicy Cafe Beginners Cleanse ($40 for one day at The Juicy Cafe locations). Reset your digestive system and boost your metabolism with a cleanse from a local juice company, such as The Juicy Cafe. It has cleanses for beginners and the more experienced, and even one that incorporates solid food.

Penelope & The Beauty Bar Full Body Lymphatic Drainage ($220 at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, downtown). Got a big event — or recovering from one? This treatment, at one of Seattle’s best spas, includes cupping and lymphatic-drainage massage to improve circulation and reduce bloating and swelling, plus 30 minutes in an Infrared Jade Pod to sweat out the last of the toxins.

LifeFloat ($49 for first-time float, South Lake Union). Give your mind and body a break with a one-hour sensory-deprivation float. This new floating option uses pools rather than pods for those who don’t want to feel confined. The pools’ high concentration of Epsom salts lifts you effortlessly to the surface, giving your body a rest as you work to tame your spinning mind.

Herbivore Rose Quartz Gua Sha ($18 at Gua Sha therapy has only recently come into the American consciousness, but health practitioners in China have been using it for centuries to aid in lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation. These lovely rose quartz Gua Sha, from Seattle’s Herbivore, are ideal for facial use as they are shaped to flow along the contours of your nose and cheeks, helping to reduce puffiness.