A new app-based lock connects with delivery companies to help prevent package theft.

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The BoxLock is designed to prevent theft of delivery packages left by the front door. In addition to the anti-theft aspect, packages are protected from bad weather.

According to BoxLock ($129 at getboxlock.com), this is the first product of its kind — an internet-connected security padlock attached to a delivery storage box or anything of your choice.

The BoxLock — which is 8.46-by-4.25-by-3.54-inches — has a weather-resistant case and a push-to-scan button on top which activates a bottom-side barcode scanner. Inside is a rechargeable battery, good for 30 to 60 days.

After a simple setup, you’ll see how well it works to protect your deliveries.

The setup isn’t complicated, but to ensure it works, you’ll have to set up a BoxLock account with a secure password within the accompanying app (iOS and Android).

Once your account is active, follow the instructions to get the BoxLock set up, which includes linking it with your Wi-Fi.

You must have an online account with whoever deliverers your package, which can include Amazon and major delivery services such as FedEx, UPS and the USPS. The BoxLock instructions tell you exactly what settings you’ll need to set up, which is all straightforward and only has to be done once, during the setup process.

After the setup, as a BoxLock company representative pointed out, you’ll be ready to fight off porch pirates since the receptacle with the BoxLock remains locked until a package is delivered.

When couriers get to your house, they scan the package for their system (they all use handheld mobile scanners) and then scan the label with the BoxLock.

Once the label is approved by the lock, it opens and allows the driver to leave the package inside.

You’ll then get a push notification of the delivery.

BoxLock sent me a Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box ($100 at amazon.com) with my test lock, and they were a perfect pair. It’s 25-by-15-by-11-inches and features a water-resistant design, hinged lid and a lock latch, which can be used with the smart lock or any traditional padlock. This is just one of several choices in a line of certified BoxLock storage containers available.

This system adds a solid layer of protection — one that’s even better than having a neighbor look out for your upcoming delivery.