Ever seen those moped gangs riding around Seattle and thought, “That looks fun — but, man, are they loud!”?

Now you can get in on the fun of a scooter — with the sweet silence of an electric motor — with Rad Power Bikes’ RadRunner. The Seattle e-bike company’s latest launch has a totally unique look for an e-bike, with fat 3.3-inch wide tires, upright handlebars, a step-through design and a seat option that can fit two, making it resemble a motorbike or moped.

Its power is also similar, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour, which is particularly fun when using the powerful twist throttle that is one of the company’s claims to fame. Of course, you can also pedal the bike using less, or no, power assistance.

“I call it our Volkswagen Beetle,” says Mike Radenbaugh, Founder and CEO of Rad Power Bikes, referring not to the quality of the two machines, but to the game-changing nature of both people movers. Radenbaugh says the RadRunner is a true category-creator, being the first micro-sized utility e-bike on the market.

The bike is, indeed, smaller than the company’s other seven models, and is single-speed with a pared-down LED control readout to keep the price down (it’s $200 less than the other models) and the design simple.

“There are fewer moving pieces on this single-speed drivetrain, which creates a carefree riding experience with minimal maintenance,” Radenbaugh says. “Riders can quickly get up to speed with the geared hub motor, twist-grip, on-demand power and four levels of pedal assistance.”

Different configuration options for the new Rad Power Bikes RadRunner. (Courtesy of Rad Power Bikes)
Different configuration options for the new Rad Power Bikes RadRunner. (Courtesy of Rad Power Bikes)

The patent-pending seat is another unique feature. When paired with the Passenger Package ($99), it consists of two pieces — align them and the bike takes on the traditional moped look. Or the driver’s portion can be raised up for full leg extension while still toting a small passenger (the back seat supports up to 120 pounds).


The new e-bike comes with a 750-watt motor and is compatible with the brand’s collection of accessories, including a new Center Console that adds storage space and phone and cup holders.

Radenbaugh says the bike was inspired by customer requests for an affordable bike with power, a long range, comfort, utility, big tires and a step-though design.

“Our approach to product development is to find ways to add value in new places while tweaking existing features based on years of experience and direct rider feedback,” he says. “The RadRunner is the culmination of everything we’ve done and stand for, and is a stepping stone to even more radical designs in the future.”

The RadRunner will be available for $1,299 on Tuesday, Sept. 10, with test rides available now at the company’s Ballard showroom. Visit radpowerbikes.com for more on specs and configuration options.