And it’s definitely not just a look for boys.

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Just Google “letterman jacket” on YouTube and you’re suddenly flooded with scores of videos of guys — it’s pretty much all guys — being
presented with their first, official team jackets.

Whether they’ve made a varsity squad or are a member of a marching band, the look on their faces — pure joy, sometimes actual tears — is proof that this is not your standard outerwear, with leather sleeves and glommed-on letter patches and badges. This is a rite of passage.

Like the motorcycle jacket or the trench, the letterman has become an iconic piece of American sportswear. And it’s not just for jocks and band nerds anymore. And it’s definitely not just a look for boys.

Designers are loving the letterman — and all things varsity — this season. Marc Jacobs stirred up Americana awesomeness with his spring line of lettermans and bobcat sweatshirts, which morphed into sweatshirt dresses for fall.

Gucci’s fall line also dipped into the high school yearbook for inspiration, and moved to the head of the class with preppy knits, sporty stripes and a poof-sleeved “sweatshirt” with a sparkly panther.

Those looking to ace the varsity look from head to toe need to focus footward, where the obvious choice, of course, is loafers — a collegiate classic. But kick aside any notions you may have of that old fusty footwear from the days of the “Preppy Handbook.” Today’s loafer 2.0 is sleeker, pointier and almost sexy in attitude.

Go team!