Are you ready for a room refresh but have more dash than cash? Try a home micro makeover.

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A few simple updates and minor tweaks can be enough to transform your space from meh to magnificent. And it doesn’t need to break the bank.

We quizzed interior designer Max Humphrey, along with Krista Schrock and David John Dick, co-founders of DISC Interiors, for more affordable updates you can carry out in snap.


If you’re looking for a low-cost upgrade with high impact, Humphrey says to add a bar. “There are tons of bar carts out there, new and vintage, or just use the top of a sideboard and some cool trays,” he says.

If you really want to define the space, Humphrey recommends buying an area rug that’s big enough to fit all the furniture on. You’ll be amazed how this simple move makes a massive difference, he says.


The quickest, most cost-effective way to make a dining room special is to change out the overhead lighting. “Apartments always come with terrible pendant lights,” says Humphrey. “You can find a cool new or vintage pendant or chandelier at great prices, and it’s not hard to swap them out.”


While saving for a major makeover, buy yourself some cool embroidered hand towels, says Humphrey. “Don’t let your guests dry their hands on the soggy bath towels hanging over the shower curtain rod,” he says. “There are tons out there, or search eBay for vintage French linen ones.”

Another way to update, Schrock and Dick say, is by installing a decorative mirror. “Often, people bring in pattern with wallpaper or a patterned shower curtain, but we love to bring in graphic mirrors that become a new focal point. ”


The bedroom needs a lot comfort with a dash of chic for the sweetest of dreams. If yours is looking a little nightmarish, Schrock and Dick say a quick bedding upgrade is all it takes to ditch those the bad vibes and introduce new textures and color.

“Early in our career, one of our clients told us she changed her pillows with the seasons, and we love this idea of bringing new life into a room simply by rotating linens and blankets to freshen up a room,” they say. “For bedding, decorative blankets and pillows are simple
updates that make a big difference.”


All of the experts agree that wallpaper is one of the most transformative ways to spruce up your entryway. “I’ve bought prepasted removable wallpaper online for very little money and installed it myself,” says Humphrey. “It’s not hard to do at all and you can get a totally custom entry like the ones you see and love in design magazines.”