Stonington Gallery showcases classic and contemporary artwork from the Northwest and Alaska.

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For 39 years, Stonington Gallery has showcased masterworks from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, specializing in native art. A stroll through the gallery’s 33,000 square feet feels like a history lesson. You’ll find traditional wood totems and masks, as well as sand-etched glass homages to basket weaving and innovative pieces by contemporary indigenous artists from the region. (125 S. Jackson St., Seattle, 206-405-4040)


Harbor Seal by Raven Skyriver ($10,400). This blown-glass harbor seal, set on a carved cedar base, is rendered in exquisite detail by a Tlingit artist from Lopez Island, one of the youngest to show at the gallery.

Amgan Cedar Sculpture by Phil Gray ($16,000). “Amgan” means “good tree.” This dramatic sculpture in red cedar and acrylic paint is a celebration of old growth forests by a Vancouver-based Tsimshian and Cree artist.

Small Octopus by Barry Herem ($200). This form-line sculpture is laser-cut by a Pacific Northwest artist from industrial steel with a stable rust-like finish.

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