Champagne, fruit — even onion? — add to the array of delectable chocolate treats available.

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Got a chocolate lover? Mark the season of romance with something special just for them.

For Valentine’s Day, chocolate purveyors are offering their wares in a variety of price ranges and flavor combinations. Here are some intriguing picks.

The bubbly

Local maker Dilettante Chocolate’s Champagne Truffles Romanov ($13 for six at contain milk chocolate, real Marc de Champagne and strawberry essence.

Gayle Harte’s Chocolate Truffle Champagne Bottle ($62 at is crafted out of dark chocolate that is filled with silver-wrapped truffles that contain a bit of the bubbly.

The fruity

Yes, we’re talking chocolate-dipped strawberries. An Edible Arrangements Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box (starting at $29 for 12 at features semisweet chocolate, while a dozen Godiva Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries ($80 at include a mix of milk and dark chocolate.

Other fruits with a kiss of chocolate are also available. Bissingers’ Glacéed Oranges Au Chocolat ($43 at includes 12 Valencia orange slices dipped in dark chocolate.

The exotic

Out of New York, MarieBelle’s Valentine’s Day Japanese Matcha Truffle Box ($33 for 20 pieces at includes hand-rolled white-chocolate truffles dipped in matcha tea powder.

Based in Pioneer Square, the Intrigue Chocolate Co.’s Truffle Collection ($24 for 12 at comes in a chic black box and features seasonal flavors such as Nigella & Rose and Nutmeg & Chipotle.

And for something truly unexpected, La Maison du Chocolat’s Sweet and Savoury Collection ($24 for 15 pieces or $36 for 25 pieces at includes chocolate spiked with flavors such as porcini mushroom, black olive and caramelized onion.

ShopNW staff contributed to this story.