Intricately designed Supersonic dryer boasts of quiet operation, highly refined heat regulation and magnetized attachments.

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Remember a few years back, all those videos of people using a vacuum attachment to create instant ponytails?

Apparently, they were on to something. In September, Dyson, the company known for its high-end vacuum cleaners, came out with a hair dryer. No ordinary dryer, the Dyson Supersonic has a high-tech design that looks different than any dryer you’ve seen. Also not ordinary, the price: $400.

The beauty bloggers were all over it. There was love for its innovative design, the quiet operation and the highly refined heat regulation, all a result of a four-year design process that cost Dyson, the company says, $71 million.

Other intriguing features include magnetized attachments — a styling concentrator, a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser — and a removable filter that signals when it needs to be changed.

Allure magazine included the dryer in its 2016 Best of Beauty Awards, with one tester saying it dried her “thick, coarse hair in four minutes and 31 seconds” as opposed to the normal 15 to 20 minutes. A CNN Money review lauded the beautiful packaging, but found it not to be noticeably faster, and that the “final results weren’t noticeably different than a normal dryer.”

Our curly-haired tester found the dryer “a pleasant surprise,” noting that the diffuser minimized air flow so she ended up with soft, bouncy, curly waves. She found it lighter than other dryers, but not much quieter. Ditto our straight-haired tester, who was not enamored enough with the product to fork over that much money.

The dryer’s cost seems to be a common theme. “I think it’s definitely a luxury rather than a necessity,” says hair and makeup artist Joanne Morgan in the CNN Money review. “There’s not many people in the market that would consider, or have the finances, to spend that much money.”