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The cookbooks come on strong this time of year. But the ones that may generate the biggest, longest-lasting buzz are all about a particular appliance: the programmable electric multicooker trademarked as Instant Pot and its growing ilk.             

We have counted at least 20 such books that published this fall alone. So we asked some of this year’s Instant Pot cookbook authors to share what they learned in the process of writing their books on what to make — and what not to make — in the handy appliance. 

“Instantly Southern”

By Sheri Castle

Favorite thing to make: Braised meat, dried beans, whole grains (high pressure). Perfectly cooked fresh vegetables and dreamy eggs (low pressure).

Don’t make: Crisp foods and traditional baking. So for now, there will be no fried chicken or buttermilk biscuits.

“The Instant Pot Bible”

By Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough

Favorite thing to make: Spaghetti and meat sauce using raw pasta — in only 6 minutes.

Don’t make: Jams or sugar-syrupy recipes. Can you cook a prime rib in the Instant Pot? Yes. Should you? That’s another story.

“America’s Test Kitchen: Multicooker Perfection”

Edited by Dan Zuccarello

Favorite thing to make: Risotto in 30 minutes, with next to no effort.

Don’t make: Not all fish does well. And certain kinds of grains can foam up if you’re not careful.

“Comfort in an Instant”

By Melissa Clark

Favorite thing to make: Beans. Lentil soup in 15 minutes. Chickpeas, starting from dried, are an after-work thing now.

Don’t make: A whole chicken, with skin — flabby, just no. But skinless parts are good.

“The Essential Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook”

By Deborah Schneider

Favorite thing to make: Shredded beef and chicken for enchiladas, and bean recipes.

Don’t make: Bone marrow.

“The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook”

By Coco Morante

Favorite thing to make: Artichokes.

Don’t make: Anything you want to turn out crispy — at least, straight out of the pot.

“Instant Pot Miracle 6 Ingredients or Less”

By Ivy Manning

Favorite thing to make: One-pot pasta with fresh tuna or sausage.

Don’t make: Hum bao. They turned out slimy.

“The ‘I Love My Instant Pot’ Gluten-Free Recipe Book”

By Michelle Fagone

Favorite thing to make: Pork shoulder or butt is the best thing to make.

Don’t make: A good loaf of artisanal crunchy bread.