Blend masculine and feminine points of view to create the ultimate inclusive aesthetic.

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One of the emerging trends in the world of décor is the aesthetic that seamlessly blends masculine and feminine points of design. Gender-neutral living is the ultimate inclusive aesthetic.

Merging clean architecture with punctuations of organic allure, the look has something for everyone.

To help understand the style, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Tariq Dixon, co-founder of New York-based TRNK, a retailer with the mission of bringing men into the interior-obsessed fold.

Here are his tricks and insights for achieving the look.


Rule one of gender-neutral design is avoiding the stereotypical tropes and clichés. “Limit the sports memorabilia, taxidermy and gaming equipment,” says Dixon. Also: abundant florals, lace and pastels that read as too precious.

Keep the aesthetic edited, subtle and sophisticated by favoring modern lines over traditional silhouettes. “Given its restraint, modern is inherently more neutral,” Dixon says.


A neutral color palette is fairly foolproof, Dixon says. But if you’re a fan of vibrant hues, fear not — it’s all in the execution.

“Primary colors pair really beautifully with natural materials, like dark wood and brown leather,” says Dixon. “Bright yellow, fire-engine red or cobalt blue through artwork, textiles or accent furniture pair with more of a monochromatic, grayscale base.”

Dixon also approves of rich jewel tones, such as crimson, mustard, teal or emerald — as long as the rest of the space is relatively minimal.


“We tend to favor natural materials that will age well and only get better with time,” says Dixon of TRNK’s inventory, which includes solid hardwoods, leather and rich, unlacquered brass details.


When it comes to where to allocate the big bucks, Dixon is confident. “Splurge on lighting,” he says. “A dramatic, sculptural light fixture can really transform a space, and offer a focal point for the room.”

Area rugs are also worth spending more on, as they offer an opportunity for bringing color and pattern into a paired-down aesthetic.