August is one of the hottest months of the year. Make sure your face survives beach days, evenings by the pool, outdoor festivals or a night on the town with these tips and products.

Set your face up for success

Primer is an important starting point for a summer makeup routine. In addition to making your foundation last throughout the day, primer also helps create a smoother application, allowing for an even skin tone.

“Applying (primer) specifically to areas where you get particularly oily or sweaty, like your T-zone and chin, can go a long way in ensuring that your makeup stays fresh,” says Adina Mahali, beauty expert and social media manager of Maple Holistics. “Make sure to invest in a primer that contains an SPF so that not only is your makeup protected, but your face is too.”

“Another great product to use when it’s hot is a toner,” says Liz Jeneault, a beauty influencer and the vice president of marketing at Faveable. “We often expose ourselves to too much sun during the summer, which can leave our skin looking uneven and red. A toner helps even out the look of your skin, and makes it easier to apply your foundation.”

Leave the cream at home

Cream formulas will feel greasy once the summer heat hits. Instead, opt for gels, liquids and powders when choosing products. Hollywood makeup artist Jessica deBen Polish recommends La Bella Donna’s SPF 50 Mineral Powder Foundation ($58 at

“La Bella Donna has no talc so it won’t look dry like most powder formulas. I especially like this silky loose mineral for the delicate eyelids as a prep for eyeshadow,” Polish says.


Opt for waterproof

Encountering moisture is an inevitable part of going out during the summer, whether you’re battling a bout of midday humidity, wiping away tears at a summer wedding or hitting the pool on a hot day. Consider waterproof makeup — especially eyeliner and mascara, to avoid streaks.

“A liquid or gel formula will last longer than a soft pencil because the wax in the pencil melts in the summer heat,” de Polish says.

If you love pencils, Cassandra McClure, a celebrity makeup artist and host of the “Clean Beauty” podcast, says C’est Moi’s Fearless Eyeliner Pencil ($8 at is a smearproof option. McClure also suggests skipping mascara some days and opting for false lashes.

“Even the cleanest mascara (is) harsh on your lashes,” McClure says, “It’s great to give them a break, even one or two days a week if you can.”

Invest in a good setting spray

There are various setting sprays for different skin types. During the summer, you want a setting spray that battles sweat and smearing.

Jenault recommends Mario Badescu’s Facial Sprays ($7–$12 at “They’re affordable and easy to find at various stores,” she says. “My personal favorite is the facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. I spray it on my face throughout the day, whenever I feel I’m starting to sweat.”


Be prepared to touch up and reapply

Even with advance preparation, summer heat will inevitably lead to a smudge or two, so carry supplies for touch-ups. Keep blotting papers, too, can help dab away excess shine or sweat.

“Having blotting papers and your favorite travel-sized makeup items in your purse is also great for any quick on-the-go touch-ups to make sure your makeup looks great throughout the day,” says Natalie Plain, the founder of Billion Dollar Brows.

Go easy on your face

“Less is more,” Mahali says. “By packing on the makeup, you just create a sweaty layer that blocks your pores. Your skin needs to breathe to be healthy in the hot weather, so use loose powders and light finishes to make sure your makeup lasts.”

Keep your fragrance fresh

McClure’s tip for making sure your perfume stays on? Spritz some on your brush before running it through your hair. “Your hair definitely holds onto fragrance a little bit more than your body might sometimes.”

Remember to stay cool

“I keep peppermint essential oil in my makeup kit. For really hot days, I apply a drop of this oil to the back of the neck for an instant feeling of cool. A cool towel on the neck and a mini fan work wonders too,” Polish says.