Put down that blow dryer, summer’s hot enough already! Take the heat off your tresses with styling techniques that look — and feel — a little cooler.

Whether camping or rolling out of bed for brunch, having dry shampoo on hand is a must. “Dry shampoo is designed to reduce oil and make the hair feel clean,” says James Todd, vice president of creative and an experienced stylist at Gene Juarez. “Powders and texturizing sprays remove oil and add roughness at the scalp to revive volume and shape.”

Oribe’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($46 at oribe.com) is one of Todd’s favorites. Or, for a more affordable option, shake up a bottle of Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo ($13–$23 at nordstrom.com). To use, spray the dry shampoo onto roots from about six inches away. Blend by brushing in the product, which dries translucently (bye-bye, powder streaks).

How to prep your skin before you have to expose it

You can also give hair a heat break with overnight styling. Todd advises using a cream and emollient-based product to soften the hair before pulling back into a neat bun. In the morning, release the bun for soft, romantic waves.

For beach waves, Todd recommends spritzing hair with a salt-based spray and then braiding hair into medium to small sections, or twisting it into spiral curls and tying it in knots overnight to dry. And don’t forget tried and true rollers, Todd says, with different kinds producing unique effects: sponge rollers for bouncy curls; magnetic rollers for romantic waves; and rag rollers for a rougher texture.

Hair accessories continue to be hot this summer and can aid in your tool avoidance. Headbands, in particular, are a simple solution for styling bedhead locks, and give your look a pinch of extra polish — flat iron or not. Anthropologie’s Lauren Knotted Headband ($18 at anthropologie.com) is retro-chic and comes in five colors to match your personal style.


“Hair is a fiber just like cotton, silk or wool,” Todd says. “While each of these fibers are best manipulated by the use of heat, in the absence of heat, water and hair product can be conducive to great change.”

For those blessed with curly hair, we recommend reaching for a paraben-free treatment such as Bumble and Bumble Curl Defining Crème ($16–$31 at bumbleandbumble.com), and applying it to damp hair through the ends. Sit back, relax and let the sun be your hair dryer.

And if your hair has already felt the burn of heat damage, Todd suggests Rene Furter’s scalp and hair recovery treatments. Otherwise, leave it to the pros: “In-salon treatments best address burned, tight scalps and dehydrated hair, and are readily available at all 10 Gene Juarez locations,” Todd says.