Useful study aids that make late-night study sessions a little easier.

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Yes, it’s almost time to head back to school. Deck out your student’s bedroom or dorm room with useful study aids that make late-night study sessions, paper-writing marathons and exam prep easier — and maybe even a little more enjoyable.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa ($100 at They can call Alexa to the rescue when they have questions during study sessions with this compact voice-activated speaker. It has plenty of power for a dorm, and comes in five finishes to match their décor.

Conway Goods JAX Touch Smart USB Task Lamp ($245 at Invest in a desk lamp they’ll use for years with this sleek Seattle-designed, American-made model that features two outlets, two USB ports and 360-degree rotation. It’s available in black or white, and sports Conway’s signature thick braided cord that is a design element in its own right.

Pottery Barn Teen All-In-One Study Wall Organizer (on sale for $103 at They can keep track of weekly deadlines and classes on the dry erase portion of this board, and use push pins to fill the cork portion with notes to self.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair ($70 at Too much time sitting is bad for your health, and this ergonomic balance-ball chair can help combat those negative effects. It provides balance training and a bit of core work to keep your body active, while the back support and wheels offer traditional chair convenience.

West Elm Ladder Bookshelf ($249). Provide a chic place for them to display their textbooks and required reading with this on-trend ladder bookshelf. Designed for smaller spaces, it’s perfect for dorm rooms or apartments where every inch of space is precious, but it will also mature with them through the years.