Upcycled from wool sweaters become festive handwarmers, made in northwest Oregon.

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Stay warm and look festive while taking the kids trick-or-treating in Green Grin’s Mitts for Musing Handwarmers.

Upcycled from wool sweaters, with some cashmere, angora and alpaca thrown in from time to time, the handwarmers feature autumn leaves, skulls and giant eyes, among other designs. Beth Grimsrud sews, cuts and embellishes each pair by hand in northwest Oregon with original applique designs.

She also creates whimsical toys and soft sculptures, such as pocket sprites, birds and walruses, out of recycled textiles.

$32–$35 at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts (Wallingford), SAM Shop (Seattle Art Museum, downtown) and by contacting Grimsrud via greengrin.yolasite.com