The best new video games, board games and outdoor games for all ages.

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Top board game and video game gifts for the 2018 holiday season:

“FIFA 19 Champions Edition”

Channel your inner footballer with this new version of the FIFA series that has added Champions League and Europa League play, the chance to play at Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, and special kits and FUT packs. The game also features more finely honed control of shooting and off-the-ball runs. Rated E; for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. $60 at major retailers

“Lego Harry Potter Collection”

This new compilation includes remastered versions of Harry Potter: Years 1–4 and Years 5–7 in one collection. Potterheads can cast spells, make potions, solve puzzles and, of course, build, in this charming game for all ages. Rated E 10+; for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox One. $40 at major retailers

Jenga National Parks Edition

This version of Jenga is as fun as the original and adds some educational value. Every custom block features a fun fact about the National Parks, and a portion of sale proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation. Ages 6 and up. $20 at

What Do You Meme? A Party Game For Meme Lovers

This of-the-now party game lets you pair caption cards with a popular meme photo card to create your own funny take (think Cards Against Humanity with pictures). The round’s presiding judge picks the best of the bunch, so meme to impress. Ages 18 and up. $36 at Blue Highway Games (Queen Anne) and


In this moving indie game, players control the character of Madeline as she climbs Celeste Mountain, avoiding deadly obstacles every step of the way. Directly addressing mental illness, Madeline confronts her anxiety and depression to become a stronger person and to develop some skillful new moves. Rated E 10+; for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One and PC. $20 at

“Battlefield V”

This latest installment in the Battlefield series takes players to World War II, with huge, intricately designed maps and large-scale battles that can be fought in single- or multiplayer modes. A wealth of customizations for your company and weapons creates a continuous campaign that evolves through the conflict. Rated T; for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC. $60–$80 at major retailers

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Sleek and versatile, this new lightweight VR headset lets you play games, watch media and live sports and visit with other connected friends — with no phone or computer needed. $249 at

Chow Crown

This year’s giggly answer to Pie Face asks players to gather up some tasty snacks and load them onto hooks hanging from a crown. Music plays as the food spins around, and whoever can eat the most spinning snacks (without using their hands, of course) before the music stops is the winner. Ages 8 and up. $20 at major retailers

Nintendo Labo DIY Variety Kit

Add old-school play to your new-school Nintendo fun with this kit that includes five different controller projects, such as a piano, motorbike handles, a fishing rod and more. Each creation is brought to life with the Nintendo Switch console, and is made from heavy-duty cardboard, grommets, rubber bands and string. $70 at major retailers

Wordoku: Fun Spelled Out

This family game is a blend of crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Within a 4-by-4 grid, players race against the clock to create words using letter tiles. As their Wordoku skills improve, there are more challenging options such as “expert tiles” and a 5-by-5 grid. Ages 8 and up. $30 at

Thinkfun Shadows in the Forest

Flashlight tag becomes a board game in this fun strategy game where players work together (against the seeker) to move Shadowling creatures between trees. Play takes place in the dark with an included mini lantern that moves around the board looking for the Shadowlings. Ages 8 and up. $25 at major retailers

Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Set

Take a little outdoor fun with you anywhere with this all-wood outdoor lawn bowling set that includes 10 pins and two balls, plus a mesh carrying case for toting it to the campsite or neighborhood barbecue. Several color combinations are available. $40–$48 at

Mox Boarding House gift card

Mox Boarding House, with locations in Ballard and Bellevue, boasts a massive selection of board games for sale, as well as a game library to try out new titles and a full restaurant that serves beer and wine. In short, it’s a game lover’s paradise. Prices vary at Mox Boarding House locations and

Destiny Collector’s Chess Set

Strategy-game lovers will fall for this mix of chess and the locally developed video game “Destiny.” Pick a side — play as the heroes from “Destiny” and “Destiny 2” or as Ghaul and the Red Legion. $80 at