Connected furniture includes plugs and ports so you can totally Netflix and chill.

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We’re a nation of multitaskers, often keeping an eye on our phones or other devices even while lounging on the sofa watching television.

And those devices need power. Who wants to keep getting up to plug stuff in when you’re bingeing a great show, reading a good book or otherwise chilling?

Turns out, you don’t have to. Furniture makers are responding to our multitasking lifestyle with seating and surfaces featuring integrated sockets and USB ports. All you have to do is position your chair or table within range of a wall plug to keep the juice flowing, and then you can tap into the furniture’s power source.

On some pieces, the power access is in an armrest or base panel, while others have it built into the legs, side panels or drawers.

Another clever hiding spot: lamp bases. 360 Lighting’s Karla USB Table Lamp ($100 for two at has a sleek brass or polished-steel column with a USB port.

Or consider Ikea’s Varv Floor Lamp ($90), with a sleek adjustable base that lets you charge a phone just by resting it on the charging pad. There’s an additional USB port built into the lamp.

Room & Board’s Parsons Bed with Power & USB Outlets (starting at $699) has ports and plugs on both sides of the headboard. The iron frame comes in a range of colors, including fun ones like red, green, pink, ocean and blue.

The company’s Portica End Table (starting at $299) comes both standard and C-shaped, which can be useful for tight spaces. Choose your own top: glass, quartz or marble composite, or wood.

Designers have tackled the clunky traditional recliner, coming up with some sleeker, more stylish versions. Room & Board’s Ellison (starting at $1,999), Dalton (starting at $1,799) and Harper (starting at $1,699) styles all come in a fine-grained leather and are available with USB ports.

The designers at Gjemeni tackled both connectivity and comfort with a comfy leather Chair ($599) and Couch ($999, both at that have charging plugs as well as adjustable backs, so you can turn each piece into a seat, a lounger or even a bed.

Brayden Studio’s Keiper 3 Drawer Nightstand ($390 at has a rustic modern vibe that would allow it to work as a side table anywhere; dual ports sit discreetly on the back.

Get the party started and keep it plugging along with the Sobro Smart Coffee Table with Storage ($1,299 at Available in black, white or wood finishes, the table is equipped not only with outlets and ports, but also a built-in fridge, speakers and LED mood lights around the base. Operate everything from the tabletop; no apps required.

Ikea’s Nordli Nightstand ($70) has a hidden shelf for a power bar, and a groove up the leg to tuck in the cord.

If you prefer retrofitting existing pieces, there are options. In the bedroom, consider Studio 3B’s 4-piece USB Bed Lift Set ($35 at; the lifts raise a bed 7 inches, and one of the legs houses two grounded outlets plus two USB ports.

And a simple port-and-plug power bar can be screwed or clamped onto any edge to create connected furniture.