The hats will be stunning (but not too large) at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

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Grab those nude stockings, ladies. You’ll be at a royal wedding, after all.

Guests at St. George’s Chapel will be expected to follow church and royal protocol, or at the very least basic British tradition, etiquette pros say of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding on Saturday. Here are some basics:

  • The invitations described the dress code thusly: For men, military uniforms, morning coats or lounge suits (aka business suits) in not-wacky colors. For women, “day dress with hat.”
  • Women’s shoulders should be covered. Hemlines shouldn’t be shorter than the longest finger when arms are held at the side, and no longer than mid-calf. No cleavage.
  • For hats: Think festive, not wacky. No huge brims and nothing too high. Fascinators — headpieces decorated with bows, flowers and more — are popular and perfectly acceptable.
  • Dresses that are mostly black or mostly white are no-nos. White is reserved for the bride, and perhaps the bridal party. Black remains a color of mourning. Accents, patterns or smaller pops of those colors are fine.
  • For shoes, open toes, wedges and slingbacks are considered too informal. Stilettos are also a no-no, with a 4-inch heel the maximum height.
  • Handbags should be small. Clutches or other handbags that fit easily on laps or just slightly to the side will rule the day.
  • Most men will be in morning suits — they have coattails and they often come in grey, navy and black. There’s also a waistcoat, like a vest, and a regular tie. Pinstripes are sometimes involved in trousers. As for lounge suits, the darker they are the more formal, which is true for morning suits as well. No linen suits, guys.
  • Shoes will be polished like they’ve never been polished before. And the men will likely play with color and patterns in ties, pocket squares and socks. But no brown belts or brown shoes, considered less formal than black ones.
  • Medals for those wearing dress military uniforms are common. So are medals of distinction of other kinds pinned to morning suits.
  • Makeup should be minimal, along with accessories. Savvy guests will let the hat do the talking.
  • Guests won’t change for a castle reception immediately following the wedding, but there is a private evening party at Frogmore House just south of Windsor Castle. If it’s black tie, as was the night party for Will and Kate, floor-length gowns are called for. Experts predict fabulousness of all kinds come nightfall, including plunging necklines and high slits. The queen skipped the evening reception for Will and Kate. She’ll likely do the same this time, so no trigger alerts there. What happens at Frogmore House stays at Frogmore House.

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