Forget soothing. Inject Baby's nursery with colorful, quirky, global elements for bohemian flair.

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Traditional nursery décor tends to be a gently stirred mix of cute animals, soft hues and nicely matched furnishings.

And there’s much to be said for all that sweet serenity; these are rooms both peaceful and soothing.

But many parents and designers are looking to inject nurseries with a quirkier style sense, creating spaces that encourage creativity and individuality. Some want the nursery’s décor to echo the décor in the rest of the home, and to have some longevity beyond the baby years.

These days, a baby’s room might include global elements, like Moroccan rugs and poufs; carved wooden mirrors; French light fixtures; Indian tables or wall hangings. Handmade touches might include throws, baskets, artwork or garlands made by relatives, friends or a talented Etsy artist.

Injecting pattern

Boho nurseries tend to include imaginative prints and patterns, and the palette can range from neutral to an all-out celebration of color. Eclectic, energetic and enchanting, boho nurseries are fun to decorate, and can be a visual feast for young children.

Los Angeles-based Justina Blakeney is an artist, designer and founder of the blog The Jungalow. Her latest book, “The New Bohemians Handbook,” gives readers painting, decorating and lifestyle tips.

“Boho style is about tapping into your free spirit and creativity,” she says. “Since kids and babies have the freest spirits of all, it makes so much sense to me that their environments reflect that.”

Blakeney advises taking an exuberant, upbeat approach; creating a child’s room that’s full of color, pattern and (nontoxic) plants.

Her recent collection with Pottery Barn Kids includes baby bedding, toy organizers and a stick-on wallpaper called Jungalino.

“I also love to include things like disco balls, crystals and glow-in-the-dark elements that add sparkles, rainbows and magic to a room,” she says.

AneWallDecor OH Deer Mural, $469–$499 at
AneWallDecor OH Deer Mural, $469–$499 at

Big and small details

Many mainstream retailers and smaller design studios are also on the boho nursery trend.

Wallpaper is one way to amp up the sense of adventure in a nursery. Etsy site AneWallDecor, has moody murals of winter woods and whimsical forest creatures that might appeal to all ages.

And handcrafted elements can add charm and authenticity to a boho nursery. West Elm’s got a collection of decorative mirrors made by Peruvian artisans that were inspired by the intricate carpentry in old colonial homes. Los Angeles artist Kim Baise sculpts mini versions of objects like ukuleles, fruit, birds and cowboy boots out of papier-mâché, and strings them into playful mobiles.

A global influence

Interior designer and HGTV contributor Erica Reitman suggests adding kilim or faux sheepskin rugs, tribal textiles, abstract art and braided baskets.

Design studio Ace & Jig has a vibrant collection at Land of Nod that’s based on antique textile patterns. A hand-tufted wool rug features a bold, blue-and-white geometric motif, while toddler bedding comes in a black-and-white Southwestern pattern.