Goodbye summer, hello fall! Our favorite season is defined by change, so why not use the turning of the leaves as inspiration to shake up your home decor?

After all, you’re about to spend the next several months indoors. 

Perhaps it’s time to replace that beanbag chair with something more adult? Or how about refreshing your space with an of-the-moment palette? Even if you’re on a budget, a little transformation can make your home look and feel more like, well, home.   

Big statements

Go big and go home with a major furniture piece that reinvents your space.

While every room in your home is important, the living room is arguably one of the most important for both comfort and character. It’s your spot to read the paper, collapse after a long day of work, binge-watch TV and entertain guests — so it better look good. 

First, make sure your sofa is up to snuff. The velvet Crate & Barrel Bellevue 3-Piece Serpentine Sectional ($4,697–$7,984) marries a modern curved silhouette with cozy seating and plenty of room for friends. And it’s available in every color of the rainbow. 


Combine form and function with the Kasala Bergamo Motion Chair ($1,599 at Kasala, downtown and Bellevue, and Available in two hues, the full-grain leather piece is one of the sharpest looking recliners we’ve ever seen.

Another item that can breathe new life into a room is a coffee table. Aim for not too big, not too small, and just right for holding a few mugs and artsy magazines. Local company Plank and Grain’s Coffee Tables (starting at $375 at are custom-made from reclaimed Douglas fir from local buildings, with an array of leg styles to suit different decor vibes. 

And don’t forget to upgrade the best room in the house: your bedroom. Your bed is likely the piece of furniture you spend the most time on, and it ought to be the crème de la crème. Create a space that’s both cozy and contemporary with the solid oak RH Martens Canopy Bed ($3,695–$3,995). With rounded edges and a weathered finish, it will envelope you in comfort and style.  

Chic and cheap

There’s no need to skimp on style with these chic and budget-friendly finds.

Indoor-outdoor dinner parties are one of the many joys of the changing season. The Sagaform Picnic Wine Glasses ($28 for four at Click! Design That Fits, West Seattle) have a lovely crystal glassware design that will impress guests, and are made from shatter-resistant acrylic so drops won’t ruin the party.

Add some pop to your kitchen counter (and serve up a delicious appetizer spread) on the wood and marble Denmark Artisanal 3D Whale Cutting Board ($23 at The adorable whale-shaped plank is a playful ode to Northwest sealife, and functions as a delightful serving surface or meal-prep tool. 


Sometimes it’s the little details that have the most impact. Add visual interest to a table, desk, windowsill or shelf with an eye-catching objet d’art, such as the Hay Petrol Time Hourglass ($24 at Prism, Ballard). A new take on a sophisticated classic, the vividly hued, teardrop-shaped hourglass is crafted to clock 15-minute increments. 

Have too many knick-knacks and not enough surface space? Go vertical, with a hanging shelf, such as the Elie Macramé Hanging Shelf ($16 at It’s easy to hang, has a minimalist vibe, and chicly displays books, plants, candles, photos and other objects of interest.             

The latest features

Keep your space up to date into 2020 with these home decor trends. 

Conscious, sustainable practices continue to drive home design, with more and more products that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. The Citizenry’s Mercado Floor Baskets ($125–$155 at are an example of the company’s small-batch goods, handmade by artisans around the world. The elegant colorblock baskets are handwoven in Mexico from leather and braided palm leaves, and can corral hats and gloves, throw blankets and other fall necessities.      

Large brass pieces have come and gone, but small brass accents are still very much en vogue. Pair a brass detail with a plant and you have a look that never goes out of style. Shop locally for the Brass Hanging Planter ($42 at Camelion Design, Ballard) to add a boost of greenery in the corner of any room that needs some life.

Even as minimalism continues as a trendy look (and movement), there are many who still relish big, bold design. Maximalism is making a comeback in art and home decor, with color, pattern and layering aplenty. If you’re wary of committing to all that, try out the look with a temporary wall mural, such as SpaceFrogDesigns’ Amber Dusk Wall Mural ($300 at, with a mountain scene and autumnal hues on stick-on, peel-off panels.  

Another distinct trend for fall is the resurgence of the ’80s-tastic Memphis Design movement. Large geometric shapes in primary colors are popping up on decor and furnishing — and in the pages of design magazines. Opt for an item in this style that can easily be mixed with neutral pieces, such as the whimsical Roar + Rabbit x Diego Olivero Shapes Collage Rug ($199–$1,899 at West Elm).