Five blissed-out finds for Meditation Month.

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Call it what you want — mindfulness or meditation — but quieting your busy mind for a few minutes a day has both physical and mental health benefits.

Here are five finds to enhance your practice during May, National Meditation Month.

“Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics” ($26 at booksellers). ABC News anchor Dan Harris makes the practice accessible and unintimidating in this how-to guide.

Moonleap Meditation Crescent Cushion ($139 at If sitting on the floor or round cushion makes you want to give up the practice, try this cradling cushion that takes pressure off the pelvic bones.

Spiritual Gangster Meditate Manifest Chill Chakra Tank ($58 at Remind yourself to decompress with this cute tank that can double as a yoga or gym shirt.

Antica Farmacista Baby Diffuser ($26–$94 at Incorporate some aromatherapy into your practice with this local diffuser that has a calming aroma with notes of peach, lavender, vanilla and almond.

DharmaCrafts Turquoise Medicine Bracelet ($29 at Promote good feelings all day with this simple bracelet featuring bodhi seeds inlaid with coral, turquoise and metals said to boost blood flow and energy.