Kick-start your healthy eating plan with Seattle-made mini-cleanse shots.

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New Year’s resolutions can be daunting. Jumping back into healthy practices after a season of indulgence is challenging when contending with post-holiday burnout, busy schedules and dreary weather. 

Take healthy measures one step at a time with Jujubeet’s Wellness Elixirs.

Made locally, the elixirs — available at the shop’s Seattle and Bellevue locations — add a healthy boost to your day, without the expense or commitment of a multiple-day cleanse (although juice cleanses are also available if you’re feeling ambitious). 

Choose from a variety of beneficial options such as Super Immunity, made with ginger and lemon, or Bee Energy, which adds bee pollen and raw honey to the mix. 

$3.50–$4 at Jujubeet and