Easter is Sunday, and kids and parents are thinking about dying eggs. If you have allergies or an aversion to food dyes or to just want to dye your Easter eggs in a natural way, check out the plant-based Easter Egg Coloring Kit with Colors from Nature.

It’s from ColorKitchen and is now available at Sur La Table stores. The kit features colors sourced from herbs and plants such as cabbage, radish and annatto. The colors are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and free of synthetic dyes.

ColorKitchen was founded by Ashley Phelps, who also offers dye-free baking decorations and gluten-free cake mixes. The Easter egg kit is $8.95 at Sur La Table stores and online at surlatable.com. Be sure to check with stores ahead of time; some stock only a limited quantity.

One kit is enough to color one or two dozen eggs. Colors include yellow, orange, purple and blue. There’s also a booklet with instructions on egg-decorating techniques. The colors are in powder form and need to be mixed with water to obtain your desired shade. You’ll also find them at Whole Foods, Meijer and colorkitchenfoods.com.