Help your furry friends beat the heat with an ice-cold treat made just for them. My white shepherd Audrey tried two kinds of locally available doggie ice cream — and I did, too (yes, I’m that kind of dog owner).

Here’s how they taste:

Swell Dog Gelato

This Seattle-made artisan gelato for dogs ($4.29 at Mud Bay) is vegan and all-natural, with human-grade ingredients such as coconut milk, peanut butter, honey and bananas. Dogs can enjoy it straight from the portable mini cup.

We tried the Banana Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Cheddar flavors. Audrey loved both, enthusiastically licking the whole container clean in one sitting. It was impossible to distract her.

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The container says it’s human-tested and dog-approved, so I tried it, too. Banana Peanut Butter was cold, creamy and dense, with a fuller flavor. Pumpkin Cheddar was light and savory — not sweet enough for my taste. Both were very hard and more suited to licking than scooping out with a spoon, which is just right for a dog.

Pooch Creamery Ice Cream Mix

This DIY ice-cream mix ($6 at Target) was fun and easy to make — just add water, stir and freeze for eight hours, then thaw 15 minutes before serving. Pooch Creamery is grain-free and made with lactose-free whole milk. The 5.25-ounce container holds multiple servings.

We tried the watermelon flavor. Audrey licked about a tenth of it out, then walked away. She came back again, but only to sniff.

I had tried it first and can see why. The chalky consistency isn’t helped by the flavor. There’s nothing unsafe in it, but the taste was definitely for the dogs.

Swell is the winner, paws-down.