Sleep better, move more and breathe a little easier with these new and upcoming smart devices.

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Screens may be behind many modern health problems, but technology is also advancing to help us sleep better, move more and breathe a little easier.

Here are some new and upcoming smart devices that could find a place in your home and workout routine.

iFit Sleep HR ($119 at Track how long you sleep, look for sleep patterns and monitor your heart and respiratory rate with this minimalist disc you slide under your mattress. An app lets you monitor data and set alarms for when you’re in lighter sleep cycles.

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan ($450 at Get prepped for spring allergy season with this top-of-the-line air purifier that automatically senses and displays air quality on the unit and in an app. It captures 99.97 percent of particles in its HEPA filter, and circulates air to ensure the entire room is clear.

Fitbit Versa ($200–$230 at Add more smarts to your Fitbit with this sleek watch that monitors heart rate, holds music, sets fitness reminders, tracks sleep data and takes calls and texts. It also, of course, tracks steps.

Philips 9W LED Warm Glow Dimmable Light ($6.50 at The blue light of a computer screen can make it hard to get to sleep at night. These accessible LED bulbs allow you to make room lighting warmer and dimmer, allowing your brain to transition to a sleep state.

Y-Brush ($125 at Even your toothbrush can be smarter. Available for pre-order, this vibrating electronic toothbrush aims to clean your whole mouth in just 10 seconds with the toothpaste of your choice. It doesn’t have an app (yet) — but if it works like it says, it will take toothbrush technology to a whole new level.

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