You’ve channeled your inner Marie Kondo and gone through your closets, drawers and cabinets and purged anything that doesn’t spark joy. You’ve donated the pile to charity or your local Buy Nothing group. 

Now it’s time to tidy. Because before you can start your spring deep-clean, you have to clear those surfaces and free up some space. With a place for everything and everything in its place, your home will have a chance to shine. 

Here are five of our favorite devices for getting — and staying — organized.

The Container Store Grey Drawer Organizers ($15–$20 each). Kondo designed a set of hikidashi (the Japanese word for “drawer”) boxes last year, but they sold out instantly. Never fear: These are similar enough to serve the same purpose. Choose from four sizes, all covered in a soft linen-cotton fabric, to create customized organization that keeps socks, underwear and accessories tidy and accessible.

The Container Store Custom Drawer Organizer Strips (on sale for $13–$19 per package). If you have limited (or quirky) space, these clever custom strips with self-adhesive mounts let you divide and conquer any size drawer — just measure, score and snap in the desired length. They’re perfect for tackling catch-all drawers and keeping all that “junk” corralled. 

I Love Handles Keep Track ($100 at Prevent clutter before it starts by creating a landing zone by the front door. This sleek wood and metal coat rack/shelving system out of Portland keeps track (get it?) of coats, bags, devices and mail with customizable shelves and hooks. It’s subtle enough to blend in with any décor and helps encourage good habits.

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves ($8 at Sue Bollinger, Seattle’s first certified KonMari consultant, recommends these simple shoe shelves that hang from your closet rod to maximize space. But they’re not just for shoes. Try stacking sweaters or using one as a stash spot for the kids’ stuffed animals. The floor will be clear in minutes. 

Zip n Store Easy Store Organizer ($25–$40 at The KonMari method of folding clothes allows you to maximize space and easily see what you have. This food storage gadget does the same for your leftovers. It installs in minutes to create a neat row of hanging storage baggies on a sliding rack, making it easy to “shop your fridge.”