These locally made home accessories are on-trend, yes, but feature craftsmanship for the ages.

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We’re creeping into the time of year when we move back indoors, so take a moment to start getting your home in order. Spruce up your space with some of these top locally made items. Your seasonal depression will thank you come the rainy season.

Lulumière Candles ($25 at They say scent is the sense most closely tied to memory, and these candles — hand-poured in Seattle — will bring you back to good times, guaranteed. The candles are made with essential oils and soy wax, and contain no synthetic fragrance. They come in scent combinations such as Coffee & Vanilla, Balsam & Cedar, and Lavender & Eucalyptus.

Hearth Petit Chou ($28 at Hearth ceramics is a new line out of Bainbridge Island, with each piece hand-thrown and glazed on the island. The translation of petit chou is little cabbage, which sounds almost as cute as this mini-vase will look holding a succulent on your desk or windowsill.

What Because Sort It Out Rug ($500 at MadeHere Seattle and Almost too pretty to walk on (it could also be a wall hanging), this locally woven rug will elevate any space. The 32-inch-by-26-inch piece is made from reclaimed cotton on Capitol Hill by master weaver Lenna Petersen, who draws inspiration from her own lineage of fiber artists.

Knucklekiss Geometric Wall Hanging ($130 at Local jewelry line Knucklekiss is known for fabulous wearables, but this venture into trendy wall hangings is a standout as well. The brushed-brass hanging is a great way add pop to a quiet corner of a room.

SML Mount Rainier Topo Leather Pillow ($165–$180 at MadeHere Seattle, and Show your state pride subtly with this handsome pillow that will make people look twice. Smooth and soft, the pillow is stitched with the topographical lines of Mount Rainier. If you’re more attached to Mount Baker or Mount St. Helens, the local makers have pillows with those topographies as well.