A self-scooping litter box, touchscreen mirrors, ovens that time themselves — the world of smart home devices is exploding.

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If you’ve come to rely on your Alexa or Google Home devices, know that there’s a lot more where that came from. There’s been a recent boom in smart domestic items, from ovens you can control from your phone to breast pumps you can use on the go.

In fact, smart gadgets for the home are coming out so quickly, it can make you feel, well, less than brilliant.

Rather than just picking up the newest cool thing, look for products that will actually add convenience to your life or improve your workflow. Here are some new and upcoming smart devices that could find a place in your home.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump ($500 at willowpump.com; use code SAVEONWILLOW for $100 off). This breakthrough eliminates some of the worst parts of pumping — you are not strapped to a machine with tubes and milk bottles attached; there is no loud sucking noise; and the storage bags are spill-proof. An app tracks production and sessions. The cost is a premium, but here’s hoping the move to improve this technology spreads, bringing prices down in the near future.

Eufy RoboVac 30C ($300 at eufylife.com). If you’ve been waiting to get a robot vacuum, you’re in luck. This model does everything higher-priced versions do — cleans well, rolls over rugs and carpets and returns to its charging base. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands, and can be controlled from an app.

WLabs Smart Oven ($799; pre-order at wlabsinnovations.com). Only 2,000 of these smart countertop ovens will be produced, but the idea is likely to catch on. It can be programmed to cook in a variety of ways and is roomy enough to feed a small family using less energy than a full-size oven. But the real twist is that it can recognize food type and temperature to adjust cooking times (no more burned pizza), remembers the setting for your favorite meals and can be controlled with an app or voice assistant.

Electric Mirror Savvy SmartMirror (prices vary; find out more at electricmirror.com/savvy). Everett-based Electric Mirror has made smart mirrors for high-end hotels for a few years, and now is offering the line to home customers. The mirrors can be loaded with apps from the Google Play store and can be used as a touch screen or with voice assistance. Motion sensors, integrated speakers, screen casting and optional integrated LED lighting make this the smart mirror to beat.

LavvieBot (expected launch price of $379; find out more at lavviebot.com). Imagine never scooping out — or smelling — the litterbox again. Still in development, this smart litterbox senses use (and can send you an alert, if you like to know such things), and scoops the waste into a bottom compartment that contains a garbage-can-like liner that can be pulled out and disposed of.

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