Live for coffee? These four products will help you get a bigger jolt from your joe.

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Up the buzz factor on your favorite morning (and afternoon) drink with these four coffee products that will take your caffeine fix to new levels of cool.

The drink

Nastea & Co. White Coffee Dirty Matcha ($5.49 at New Seasons Market). Mix up your normal cold brew routine with this coffee-tea blend out of Seattle that pairs a shot of lightly roasted coffee with trendy (and gorgeously hued) matcha for a dose of antioxidants and a totally new flavor.

The tool

Chef’n Manual Coffee Grinder ($40 at Craving a craft coffee, but unwilling to make the trek to your favorite café? This easy-to-use grinder out of Seattle lets you adjust the grind size and fits your pour-over carafe or French press for the perfect texture and amount of grounds.

The vessel

MiiR 12-Ounce Red Speckled Camp Cup ($30 at If you love a good outdoor adventure as much as that first cup o’ joe, pick up this locally designed travel mug. Its classic looks are as handsome as its design is functional. The press-on lid keeps drinks piping hot and prevents spills, it works nicely in a single-serving Keurig and it fits right in at the campsite.

The add-on

Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixer ($38 for 20 packets at Whole Foods). Looking for a little more oomph? This organic, vegan mushroom-based antioxidant booster ups energy and immunity — simply stir it into your coffee for an extra health kick.