Tips for ushering in summer and creating a fresh, bright look at home.

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You’ve switched over from coats to jackets and boots to sandals. It’s also the time of year to transition your home décor.

Here are 10 tips for ushering in summer and creating a fresh, bright look at home.

1. The use of light colors is a great way to reflect the season without appearing too trendy. Think crisp, fresh and clean. White, cream and gold are great color options for a summer color palette.

2. On a similar note, a neutral color palette can serve as a foundation for seasonal accessories and bold pops of color.

3. Metallic finishes, such as gold, silver and on-trend brass, can perk up a room and add some glam elements to your décor.

4. Add green. Whether it’s by using florals, succulents or accents such as throw pillows and artwork, green is a fresh color that screams summer.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix color, pattern and texture for a beachy, bohemian vibe.

6. Remember to refresh your bedroom. Some areas to focus on include bedding, pillows and flooring, such as a fresh area rug.

7. Bathrooms and kitchens can benefit from summer accessories, as well. Add accents such as fresh towels, artwork or blooms, or apply a fresh coat of paint.

8. Consider natural elements, such as grasses and moss, which add a fresh, interesting touch. Rattan furniture is especially hot this year and can be found in all price ranges.

9. With the outdoors in bloom, adding mirrors and other reflective surfaces is a great way to help bring the outdoors in and make rooms look bigger and brighter.

10. If you’ve already invested in dark furniture pieces, add accessories and decorative pieces that are lighter and more colorful to brighten things up. Consider lightweight throws, new pillows and lampshades in hues that make you think of summer.