Cost-saving and creative ways to create a kid’s room that is inviting and well-organized.

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Nursery and children’s-room design doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are a number of cost-saving and creative ways to create a kid’s room that is inviting, warm and well-organized. Here are 10 ideas.

1. Paint. Painting remains one of the most affordable ways to decorate a space. Consider citrus colors, such as yellow, green and orange, which will help brighten the space and blend well with other colors. Or have a little fun with stripes, stencils or accent walls.

2. Use stickers. Wall sticker art is one of the most popular ways to decorate a child’s room — and one of the easiest. Designs can range from the simplistic to the elaborate and, best of all, they’re removable.

3. Stick with twins. Twin beds are the most space-efficient bed size, and allow usage from the toddler to the teen years. You’ll also save on mattress costs by opting for the compact size.

4. Try to DIY. Pillows, quilts and wood furniture pieces are all projects you can tackle to add a sense of personalization and creativity to a kid’s room. If you are handy or crafty, making some of your own accessories can be a fun and rewarding exercise.

5. Infuse color and texture. Layering your décor with interesting accents, including rugs, throw pillows and accessories, will add a warm, comfortable feeling. And these pieces don’t need to be expensive, making it easy to swap them out as your child ages.

6. Add greenery. Plants and small trees are affordable ways to decorate a nursery or child’s room — and they also help to create a healthy environment. Be sure plants are placed in safe areas and are nontoxic.

7. Repurpose and recycle. Instead of buying a new rocking chair, check flea markets and neighborhood swap sites for a gently used model. Consider bins and baskets you already have around the house that can find new life in Baby’s room. And check home reuse stores for lumber before building those custom bookshelves.

8. Add a mobile. Along with the crib, a great mobile can be the focal point of a nursery — and a unique one doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There’s a style for every room, and you can find lots of DIY tutorials if you want to create your own.

9. Consider organics. From bamboo rugs to zero-VOC paints to organic bedding, nontoxic materials and finishes are better for the environment and will let you rest easier. And with the proliferation of “green” products, there are more offerings at all price points.

10. Make storage multitask. When selecting furniture for a child’s bedroom, think storage, storage, storage. Keep toys, clothes and gear tidy and organized in a wall storage system with attractive bins. Cabinets with plenty of shelving allow for flexibility and efficiency. These pieces can grow with your child and adjust to their changing storage needs.